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Restaurant and Aperitifs

The Restaurant

The restaurant is at guests' complete disposal in the daily proposal of a refined cuisine, based on the freshness of the products. The chef Mirko Caldino prefers the choice of Mediterranean colors, the colors that are carefully combined in the dishes. An absolutely genuine cuisine, spontaneous, simple but not obvious, traditional but also experimental, made of particular combinations, refined and rich in creativity that enhance all the 5 senses of the guests.


Alpemare is the perfect oasis in which guests will find their own perfect spot for relax or entertainment. A richly stocked bar is open non stop, from breakfast to happy hour time, even for exclusive and private parties. There is a piano and music , as well as a wide great range of evening events, that offer a guaranteed entertainment experience. And you may also hear the voice of Maestro Andrea Bocelli echoing around, as he often spends time relaxing at Alpemare!


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